I had heard a lot about twitter over the last year or more and today I logged onto it for thefirst time today. It took a little getting used to but now I can use it properly. I started to follow a few celebrities and musicians that I like. I thought it was really cool that I could do that .

Hootsuite makes it so easy to tweet and search things on twitter. It really helps when you are getting started. Twitter allows us to spread news quickly. Things are reported seconds after they happen on twitter. The problem with this is people jump to conclusions and end up not getting their facts right at all.

I dont think twitter will ever replace traditional media. You cant tweet while your driving whereas you can listen to the radio while your on the move. If radio or television were gone people wouldn’t have as much choice in what way they get their news


Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads

which is better? Well in my opinion Facebook Ads is better. I found it very easy to use and as well as that you can post a picture along with your text and the text doesn’t have to be a certain number of characters per line. I was able to write up an ad on Facebook Ads in only a few minutes whereas on Adwords it took me a good bit longer.

I think that google adwords would be more beneficial for business to business sales whereas if a business was selling to the public it would be much more beneficial for them to advertise on facebooks sponsered links. Facebooks is more attractive because it has pictures which make you look at it for longer.

Online advertising is definately the way forward. I think it will be used more and more in the future using augmented reality.


The above is my groups presentation for today. We were given a task to create an augmented reality for avonmore whole super milk.
An augmented reality is a reality with additional features whether the addition feature is text, a picture a video or a game. ours was a game which is similar to block breaker. The aim of the game is to destroy all the blocks full of bad things like sweets by using the small carton of milk at the back of the carton. You scan the little picture of the carton and it shows it up as a moveable milk cannon. We thought this was a good idea because it is a suitable game for children, teens and young adults ( both male and female ) who like sports, are competitive or competition driven, like video games or just want to have some fun.
There are some really great samples of augmented reality in use by some major brands like audi, daft and their is a really cool one where you can control a sascuatch which we looked at in our class after lunch.


https://i0.wp.com/3.bp.blogspot.com/_RaBq6IBcpSY/TMyqKiTe9iI/AAAAAAAAAF4/3iPm61is4KI/s1600/Facebook-icon.pngToday my class went to Facebooks headquarters. It was really fun and I found the whole experiene good. When i was there I learned a lot about advertising on Facebook. You can choose from two different ways of advertising. You can either have a sponsered link which is a page that you and your friends can like and it shows who of your friends have liked it on beneat it. These are more likely tobe liked by you  if your friends have liked them.

They had a competition for us at facebook. The aim of it was to create an ad for The Helix in DCU as a convention centre for either people or groups in Dublin or ‘Ireland or Internationally. I thought it was  fun but my team didn’t win this time. We were shown how to put in a like button on any page we want to it is really cool and i think I have one on my page.Facebook were really kind and they gave us all a laptop case, a set of in-ear buds, sweets and a really nice highlighter thing. I was really happy to get them .

We went back to DCU and we went to do activities. After that we went for dinner and then ack to study and have to write about the day

OMG I love PayPal!!!!


Today the whole 21st century skills class went on a trip to PayPal. I had used PayPal before but I wasn’t aware of the size of their presence on the web. 18% of all online commerce transactions went through PayPal last year. Their European headquarters is in Dublin and the Building is huge. We were given a whole load of statistics about the internet andPaypal which really showed me how big the internet is and I thought it was difficult to comprehend some of the facts and figures.


The people at PayPal gave us pizza and drinks and when we were finished Siobhan and Nicola presented to us two apps which they had thought up of and we were told we had a half hour to design an app in our teams of four. It was difficult to try think up an idea of an app that hast already been thought of before. My team came up with the idea  called App-reciate Ice-cream. The idea of it was that you play an old arcade stacking game and the higher you get the more percentage reduction you get off your ice-cream. The people at PayPal went out of the room to choose a winner from the four teams and my team won. I was delighted. The prize was a digital camera for each of the four winners on my team. Everyone in the group was given a goody bag full of stationary and I was delighted to get it as well.

Social Bookmarking. . . . . The way Forward?

Today we did a lot of things to do with social book marking and i thought that it was all very interesting. Firstly I found out what social book marking was which I thought was a good start. Once we all knew what it was we were told to set ourselves up wit accounts on digg and reddit. I found them to be two very different websites. They provide a great way of storing all your online files, videos, photos and and articles that you want to view on a later date.

I think they were a  serious contributor to using web 2.0 and it is getting used more and more every year by people from all around the world

I think it will be used much more in the future because it is so easy to use and it is such a good storage system.


Today was an amazing experience. We went online and had a webinar between the class Sean, the instructor, and his friend Padraig. I had never been in a webinar before and I found it very interesting to see what it was all about. I thought it was good the way I was zable to interact with either individuals or the group as a whole.https://i2.wp.com/www.internationalbrian.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/webinar.jpg

I think webinars are definately the way forward in seminars for the future. It makes it much cheaper for companies to talk to people from all over the world. I also think it would be a good way of interacting with your class mates on a group assignment in school or if your school is linked with another school in a different country. I would definately like to take part in more webinars in the future.